Rachael Chiverton

Rachael has a wealth of experience in credit control and invoice management and improving cashflow. She is founder of Rachael Chiverton Ltd and her clients know her as the “Contracts Lady” and “Cash Flow Queen”. Rachael works with a variety of businesses showing them how to achieve consistent cash flow by focusing on each aspect of the customer journey, from first contact to getting paid. Rachael specialises in writing bespoke contracts and business terms and is author of eBook Invoicing Best Practice.








Founded The Contracts Lady and Cash Flow Queen in 2014 after working her way into Redundancy a 4th time.

Grew from starting out as a credit controller working for a publishing company, via international credit control and SAP User to becoming a Corporate Credit Control Trainer.

Worked in a variety of sectors, large corporations, such as the Co-Operative and part of Last Minute.com, to smaller business ranging from 1 -50 employees.

Focuses on getting the firms she works with to understand the impact that cash flow has on the business and how they can get paid without asking for money by changing their processes and thought process.