Coaching support helps inBusiness plan and achieve growth



inBusiness was setup in 2015 by James Lucop and Sarah Spicer to provide essential English Communications skills training to Businesses across the North West Region. James had worked overseas, teaching English in large Engineering firms and Sarah has lived in different parts of Asia and taught English in Universities. The primary focus of the business was in working with key employers in the area, who had parts of their skilled workforce that were not English speaking. For some employers, it was for Health & Safety reasons that they needed their employees to have a good command of the English language. For others, they regarded it more as a company and employee benefit to help migrant workers settle and commit to staying with their employer. But also to feel comfortable with the language both socially and in the work environment. The business provides training structured around the Common European Framework (CEFR) which has six levels recognised. inBusiness tailors each programme to suit the language/terminology that matters to each industry and employer.

inBusiness approached Enterprising Macclesfield at a point where the business had already secured some customers but James and Sarah were keen to grow the business to a stage where they could employ teachers to deliver the training programmes.

Support delivered:

Enterprising Macclesfield conducted an initial assessment to understand what support would be most valuable to inBusiness. Rachael Chiverton was appointed as suitable Coach to work with inBusiness. While Sarah and James had plenty of ideas for how to take the business forward, it was apparent that with seeking new business and delivering training programmes they would really need to prioritise and focus their efforts on areas that would be most valuable to the business.

Rachael worked with inBusiness using the Business Model Canvas tool to help them focus on building a coherent plan for their business. “Working through the Business Model Canvas tool was really helpful,” said Sarah, “we were in danger of trying to take on too much and spreading ourselves too thin. This forced us to take a hard look at the business and identify the key priorities.” inBusiness used the opportunity to build detailed profiles of their key customers to understand their target market better. This led to defining three, core service offers for the business. These included English language training for skilled workers, Sector Specific English language training for key industries and Communication skills training for employees who had advanced into roles where communications and reporting skills were required. All of these changes triggered a rebranding and repositioning of the business and rewriting of the website. This also prompted the team to develop case studies and produce video testimonials from current clients to endorse the quality and outcomes from the training programmes they delivered. This had a huge impact in building credibility online and in Business Development meetings.

Key Achievements:

The changes introduced to the business and on the website resulted in winning their first ever client through the website. Most importantly, the financial targets set during the planning process were achieved by inBusiness. The business tapped into the Enterprising Macclesfield network of entrepreneurs and has continued to go from strength to strength, resulting in the recruitment of their first freelance teacher within 12 months, to support delivery of training programmes.

As a growing business, they are playing a vital role in improving communication between workers and managers, not just at a working level but in also in building good working relationships across business. This has been evidenced by some of their trainees experiencing their own successes through promotion to management roles.


“Our experience with Enterprising Macclesfield has been brilliant, said Sarah, I can honestly say it has made a real impact on our business and we are so grateful to all the volunteers involved.”