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Enterprising Macclesfield announces McCann Complete Medical as new supporting patron

Enterprising Macclesfield, the volunteer-led community interest company that promotes local enterprise has recently been seeking financial support from local businesses to provide a sustainable source of funding for the organisation. Enterprising Macclesfield is delighted to announce that McCann Complete Medical has become its latest supporting patron. McCann Complete Medical is a group of expert agencies, headquartered in Macclesfield, delivering medical communications, regulatory support, strategy development, and multichannel stakeholder engagement. Being part of McCann Health and the wider McCann network gives the group access to a broad range of specialist expertise and a worldwide network of local offices.

“McCann Complete Medical is a great example of a local enterprise that has been extraordinarily successful with over 250 staff based in the town centre,” said Tim Shercliff, Chairman of Enterprising Macclesfield. “We are very pleased that they have agreed to support us with a financial contribution to our costs and with the potential for some members of their staff to get involved in our coaching support programme to help local enterprises”.

Charlie Buckwell, Chief Executive of McCann Complete Medical said “it was a unanimous decision of our Board of Directors to support what we see as being a valuable local initiative to encourage local enterprise. We also recognise the vital role that the team at Enterprising Macclesfield have played in pulling together key employers around the town centre to produce a coordinated business response to the Cheshire East consultation on the town centre strategy. As a key employer in the town we want to see Macclesfield develop for our staff, so anything that helps make this town a great place to work, live and socialise should be supported.”

McCann Complete Medical joins Make it Macclesfield CIC and Macclesfield Town Council as patrons of Enterprising Macclesfield. “We see an increasingly important role for Enterprising Macclesfield in the town,” said Tim Shercliff, “so we are keen to secure further funding from local employers to support our venture, and would encourage businesses to get in contact with us to discuss how they can play a role in helping us to create a vibrant and successful economy in Macclesfield.”

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