Coaching support helps For Me and For You Designs to treble their businessBackground:

For Me and For You Designs Ltd manufactures wood and papercut pictures along with a variety of other complementary products like wooden brooches, name plaques and tableware. Originally starting as a hobby, they identified an opportunity to develop their leisure activity into a business, which led to Jacqueline and Stewart Morton-Collings establishing For Me and For You Designs in 2013.

For Jacqueline and Stewart, the ambition was to drive their business onto the next phase of growth. To achieve that, they needed to generate recurring revenue from existing customers and increase brand visibility online. They were also keen to review their finance options for the business to enable them to move into more suitable business premises. The business owners realised there were several key business decisions to make and required some external independent support to give them confidence in their next steps. Having seen an Enterprising Macclesfield post on Facebook they reached out to avail of the free business support from experienced local professionals.

Support delivered:

An initial diagnostic meeting was undertaken to identify the key challenges and to establish how to support the business. Based on that, Enterprising Macclesfield appointed Nicola Waterworth to provide one-to-one coaching support to Jacqueline and Stewart.

Over the three coaching sessions, Nicola worked directly with For Me and For You Designs to help them gain clarity on the future direction of the business. They developed an 18-month strategic plan, supported by an action plan, that provided a clear focus on what they needed to do to achieve their business goals. This enabled Stewart and Jacqueline to avoid getting continuously tied up within the business by prioritising their time and workload to focus on key tasks.

To help increase online visibility and sales revenue, different marketing options were discussed with Jacqueline and Stewart. One of the key decisions taken from these discussions was to feature For Me and For You Designs products on renowned online retailers Etsy and Not On the High Street. They successfully listed their products onto both online marketplaces.

In addition to the coaching sessions with Nicola, the expertise of Alex Heylings, a Local Advisory Partner (LAP) was sought to provide financial advice and guidance to the business owners. This support was focused around financial planning and identifying different finance options available to Jacqueline and Stewart.

Key achievements:

Since their engagement with Enterprising Macclesfield, For Me and For You Designs have gone from strength to strength. The business has started to realise some of the goals and objectives that were established in the strategic plan. They have recently signed a lease for a workshop and retail unit which they will be moving into, by early 2020. This will provide Stewart and Jacqueline with the right premises to facilitate further business growth.

For Me and For You Designs’ products have been featured on Etsy and Not On the High Street’s websites for the past two years. This has had a significant impact on the business; helping them gain more exposure online and providing new opportunities to increase sales. Since being featured on Not on the High Street, the business has increased their year on year sales by 270%.

Stewart and Jacqueline really valued the financial advice provided by Alex Heylings. The business has become more financially stable and secure after their engagement with Enterprising Macclesfield and the business owners have a better awareness of the different financial options available to them.

If you would like to see For Me and For You Designs range of products, visit their website Alternatively, you can meet Stewart and Jacqueline at the Macclesfield Treacle Market every month.


“We found the support offered by Enterprising Macclesfield to be absolutely invaluable. We were not sure what to expect from the sessions, but Nicola Waterworth has enabled us to look at our business from a perspective that we hadn’t considered previously. She has helped us to firm up our ideas of where we want our business to get to and facilitated the beginnings of this important process. We can recommend engaging with Enterprising Macclesfield to any business who would like to broaden their horizons and really become the best that they possibly can.”