Coaching support helps Hannah Atkin shape and develop the identity of her physiotherapy business

 Enterprising Macclesfield coaching support for Hannah Atkin physiotherapyBackground:

Hannah qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2001 and enjoys combining her background in neurology with a love of strength training. It became apparent to Hannah that, whilst some of the global leaders in research and clinical practice spend two to three hours assessing their patients, the majority of physiotherapy services offer only 20-30 minute consultations. The need to give more time with people was recognised by Hannah, who identified the following supporting factors:

  1. The move towards long-term management of health and giving education and fitness programmes so that people can make lasting changes and manage their conditions/ injuries/health more independently.
  2. With the evidence on pain management and psychosocial impacts on pain, having the time to listen can be so valuable in identifying other impacts on pain and injury – such as work/social stresses and sleep.
  3. People are more likely to follow a programme if they know it’s bespoke to them, they understand what each exercise is designed for and have support in learning the exercise.

So Hannah looked into the options for providing an affordable community service, that gave people time, bespoke programmes and the option of supported class-based rehab – with the aim of lifelong change – for all ages.

Support delivered:

As a result of the initial diagnostic session, Enterprising Macclesfield decided to offer Hannah coaching sessions with Philip Cole to help her shape the identity of her business and work out how best for it to develop. Hannah also had the chance to meet with local volunteers to check ideas and see what services she was in a position to access.

Key achievements:

One year on, Hannah has set-up and run successful classes in strength and movement at Bollington Health and Leisure; furthermore, she has been approached to run more classes at Mother Nature Sanctuary, also in Bollington. Her mission to give thorough 1-to-1 sessions has lead to a steady stream of clients who are successfully managing their own rehab, including people in their 80s and 90s who are gaining strength and maintaining independence in their home environment.


I wanted to set up a small local business – no big pound signs, just a personal service at a healthy pace, that I enjoyed around my time with my little boy, NHS work, volunteering and sports training.

I was lacking confidence in setting something up and I felt so well supported by Enterprising Macclesfield. There was total understanding of my restrictions both financially and as a single parent and I felt no pressure at all – it was the reassurance that I was fine doing it in a way that suited my circumstances.

The time between sessions was great – there was no rush and I had time to wait for things to move forwards at my own pace, whilst reviewing the goals I had set.

I’m a year on and have the life balance I wanted, along with the satisfaction of getting something off the ground on my own. I work at a steady pace, giving my clients time – which was always at the heart of what I wanted to create.

“What really came from the sessions with Phil was that things I had seen as a failure (such as my fear of social media…!), were put to me in a positive perspective – which was really valuable to my confidence. I learnt that it’s OK not to be digital marketing savvy and to grow my business by word of mouth.  Thank you for all your help – I hope this feedback inspires other (single) parents to take the first step with their ideas.”