Coaching support enables Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy to have a clearer understanding of how they can increase sustainable revenue and move full-time into the business


Ross Mitchell and Simon Hogan are highly qualified, senior physiotherapists with extensive experience of working in the public and private health sector. They established the Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy practice in 2013 to bring a modern approach to physiotherapy healthcare. The business has been providing specialist physiotherapy advice and support to residents in Macclesfield as well as the surrounding area of East Cheshire.
While they set up this business, Ross and Simon carried on working part-time within the NHS. Their ambition was to generate sustainable revenue and become full-time working and running Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy. In addition, they wanted to build a team of highly qualified practitioners. Both Ross and Simon recognised that this would be a long journey and realised that they required support and advice on how they could achieve their business objectives. This led them to contact Enterprising Macclesfield for some free local advice and support from experienced professionals.

Support delivered:

After undertaking an initial diagnostic assessment to gain a better understanding of the needs and challenges of Ross and Simon, Enterprising Macclesfield team agreed to offer coaching support (i.e. 3 coaching sessions). Ray Clarke of Shaping Business was appointed to use his business and marketing knowledge to coach Ross and Simon on how they could achieve their objectives and grow their physiotherapy business.

Ray worked directly with Ross Mitchell during the three coaching sessions, to help him plan their business using the Business Model Canvas. This exercise highlighted specific challenges Hogan & Mitchell needed to address in order to realise their goals. During the coaching sessions, it emerged that Ross and Simon had an opportunity to become more commercially focused and gain a greater understanding of revenue streams and cost structures. This approach helped them to reduce any unnecessary business expenditure and identify new opportunities for them to move full-time into the business.

In addition, the coaching sessions enabled Ross to become more specific about their target audience. Once they understood who it is they wanted to target, they could then identify the channels to use in order to engage their audience. One of the key outputs of the coaching sessions was that it helped them recognise that the messaging on their current website was rather generic. It did not effectively communicate the value they provided to their customers, so, they refined their website messaging to ensure it resonated with their target customers. Ray was able to point Ross towards various online Google resources and tools that would help him understand web search and how he could use the information gathered to develop more effective content for his website.

Key achievements:

Through the support delivered by Enterprising Macclesfield, Hogan & Mitchell became more mindful of the necessary steps they needed to take to realise their goals. They have become more commercially focused. As a result, they now have a clearer understanding of how they can increase sustainable revenue which in turn will enable Ross and Simon to move full-time into the business.

In addition, they also revised the messaging throughout the website to focus on the value Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy provides to its customers. This has resulted in the website generating new enquiries. As an example, they recently published a new page on the website “Back Pain Physio”, which alone has generated 20 new enquiries in a very short timeframe. With renewed focus and commercial awareness, they have now started to challenge unnecessary business costs and identify ways to focus their efforts more productively elsewhere. Although Ross and Simon’s journey of moving full-time into their business has just begun, they now have a much better understanding of how they can get there and achieve their objectives.

Ray Clarke, Managing Director of Shaping Business expressed his excitement of working with Simon and Ross:

“I’m very excited about the potential for Hogan & Mitchell. It was a pleasure to work with Simon and Ross and I have been very impressed by their approach and professionalism. I have no doubt that they have the capability to build a highly successful physiotherapy practice.” 


“Working with Enterprising Macclesfield has opened our eyes to finding out what we want, measuring it and coming up with a strategic plan we can adapt ourselves to help us get there”

“Working with Ray was great to help focus our efforts and give us some direction and clarity of the tasks we need to complete to continue to build our business.”