Enterprising Macclesfield supports Mother Nature Sanctuary to successfully provide well-being hub for the local community



Mother Nature Sanctuary was established by Siobhan Alexander in 2018. Her ambition was to provide a successful mind, body and well-being centre that offers a wide range of holistic therapy treatments, events and activities including yoga, reflexology and karate classes.

Siobhan was keen to build a sustainable and profitable business that would enable her to achieve a work/ life balance to spend quality time with her family. It was clear to Siobhan from the outset, that the success of the well-being hub hinged on the ability to maximise the utilisation of the space and treatment rooms. So the ability to engage with and appeal to other therapists and practitioners was a critical success factor for Mother Nature Sanctuary. With so much to plan and so much at stake Siobhan approached Enterprising Macclesfield to support her in developing the business plan for Mother Nature Sanctuary. This gave her access to local business professionals who volunteered to support start-up and established businesses in the local area.

Support delivered:

An initial diagnostic assessment was undertaken by Enterprising Macclesfield to gain a better understanding of the key challenges Siobhan was facing and what support would be valuable. It was agreed by the Planning and Operations Committee that Siobhan would benefit from coaching support to develop her business plan. Ray Clarke, an experienced business professional, was appointed to provide the one-to-one coaching sessions.

Ray used an internationally recognised business planning framework, to support Siobhan and guided her on how to apply the planning tool to help structure her business plan. This led to discussions around Mother Nature Sanctuary’s target audience. Although key customer segments had already been identified, it was concluded that they needed to be more defined and targetable. As a result, Siobhan identified specific target groups most relevant for the business and the relevant marketing channels she could use to engage them.

One of the key outputs of the three coaching sessions was a better understanding of the value that Mother Nature Sanctuary offers to other practitioners, not just customers. The focus shifted from the available space in the well-being hub to higher value services, like the company’s online booking system, market intelligence and marketing capability. This helped Siobhan identify new approaches to exploit Mother Nature Sanctuary’s full value to increase revenue for the business.

In addition to the coaching sessions with Ray, Local Advisory Partner (LAP) Rachel Chiverton was appointed to provide further advice and guidance to the business, on Mother Nature Sanctuary’s contracts, which was greatly valued by Siobhan.

Key achievements:

As a result of the coaching support delivered by Enterprising Macclesfield, Siobhan Alexander now has a clearer understanding of the value Mother Nature Sanctuary offers to its customers and the team of therapists and practitioners. She has successfully increased the utilisation of the well-being facilities which has generated additional revenues from other local therapists. As a result, Mother Nature Sanctuary now offers a range of weekly classes, special wellbeing events and workshops which has helped increase awareness of Mother Nature Sanctuary’s well-being hub.

“The support and guidance provided by Enterprising Macclesfield has been brilliant,” said Siobhan “I am really grateful for all the time and support they provided me. It was a very positive experience!”

Enterprising Macclesfield enabled Mother Nature Sanctuary to establish a good foundation for the future direction of the business and the key next steps to achieve its goals and objectives.