New Creation Interiors has designs on growth!

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Barbara Milner started her New Creation Interiors as an interior design business over 5 years ago. She had always wanted to create a family business with her daughter, who had studied fine art and was also at a stage in her life where she too could contribute to the business. Barbara had provided her interior design skills to many home improvement projects in the area and even produced some bespoke soft furnishings for specific projects. Although, she found that she got the greatest satisfaction out of designing interiors for young people.

However, more recently, Barbara felt the business was stagnating. While she had several options open to her, she was confused as to which direction she should take the business. Having invested in getting the business to this stage she was getting increasingly frustrated and struggling to gain the enthusiasm to take the next step.

Support delivered:

Barbara contacted Enterprising Macclesfield via their website to see if they could help her move her business forward. Following an initial assessment of how Enterprising Macclesfield could best help New Creation Interiors, the Review Panel appointed Marja Lahelma-Barnsley to coach Barbara through a structured programme of support to determine the best options for her business. Marja had a background in finance, as a Chartered Accountant, ran her own accountancy business Ridgehill Consulting and taught accounting and finance at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

Marja focused initially on helping Barbara to prioritise and focus on the type of business she enjoyed doing. “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” remarked Barbara, “I was so surprised how personal the approach was. It wasn’t intimidating at all, our meetings felt completely natural and relaxed. Yet I came away from each of them with greater clarity and a real sense of purpose.” With Marja’s coaching support, Barbara was able to map out an achievable plan for the business and how she could make it happen.

Key achievements:

By Barbara’s own admission she was amazed at the impact the coaching support has had on her business. “This really kick-started the business again. I’ve definitely rediscovered my passion for the business, as a result of Enterprising Macclesfield’s support,” said Barbara, “the business is now successfully expanding, and we are focusing on the youth market. Because of this I’ve felt confident enough to get my daughter involved and we are both inspired to take our business to the next stage now.”

The business has established some key targets. They have setup an online ecommerce store, which sells their own designs of soft furnishings; this has been a hugely successful development. The business now provides soft furnishing products to support its design and project management of interior design projects.

“Being a coach to Barbara has been a great experience. I never realised how much I would also get out of our meetings. It is such a rewarding experience and I’m really pleased I got involved in Enterprising Macclesfield and can share my business experience to help other businesses.”


“The experience with Enterprising Macclesfield was amazing, I could not have predicted the profound impact it would have on my business,” said Barbara. “It is fantastic that we have such experienced and knowledgeable business professionals prepared to give up their time to help other local businesses.”