Nova Commercial Finance revises how it markets the business

Alex Heylings, Nova Commercial Finance


Commercial lending is a very challenging environment for many business owners. Nova Commercial Finance is a valuable service to businesses that want an alternative to the big banks and a more supportive environment where they can be advised, at no upfront cost, on their best options for the type of finance they need for their business. Alex Heylings, the founder, had invested over 2 years of effort in research and development of the FCA authorised Finance Brokerage business when he approached Enterprising Macclesfield for guidance on marketing the business. Nova Commercial Finance was established to connect local small business owners with the growing number of alternative finance providers. With a strong background in commercial finance, having previously worked for one of the large UK banks, Alex successfully setup partnerships with over 200 commercial lenders and navigated his business through the complex FCA compliance requirements. Having put the delivery engine of the business in place, the next step involved identifying and generating demand for his services in the local market.

Support Delivered:

Enterprising Macclesfield undertook an initial diagnostic session to understand Nova Commercial Finance’s key goals and to establish the key issues that needed to be addressed in order to sustain a successful business. The business was just at the stage where it would potentially be investing a lot of money in marketing the business and this was regarded as a high priority area to focus support on. Enterprising Macclesfield’s Local Advisory Partner in sales & marketing, Ray Clarke, Director at Shaping Business was appointed to provide a complimentary advice session.

The advisory session focused on three critical aspects to optimise Nova Commercial Finance’s investment in marketing the business. The first key area was establishing a laser focus on the target market and helping Alex to define his ‘ideal’ clients. Using these client profiles then enabled a more focused discussion about how Nova Commercial Finance could identify channels to access these potential clients. Finally the session finished with a focus on the business website and how that could be improved by communicating more directly to the different client needs that Alex identified for each of the client profiles that emerged.

Key achievements:

As a result of the support from Enterprising Macclesfield, Nova Commercial Finance redirected marketing expenditure which had been planned into more focused marketing opportunities. In addition, the business successfully revised key marketing messages to focus more on how Nova Commercial Finance can address specific client needs. This included realigning the website around his target markets and focusing his service offers to be more relevant to each market.


“The advice we received through the Enterprising Macclesfield programme was excellent. It definitely helped us to focus our message better and has certainly saved us from wasting time and our marketing budget in areas where we were unlikely to see a return on investment” said Alex Heylings, Managing Director of Nova Commercial Finance.