Regional Support and Finance organisations below all cover our local area. They can put you in touch with further specialist advice, run their own programmes and in some cases have grant funding available. Each one has their own website which explains more. In each case their initial advice is free. In order to arrange a coaching session, fill in the “Apply for Support” form and an Enterprising Macclesfield coach will get back in touch to arrange your first face-to-face session.


Cheshire Community Foundation

Cheshire Community Foundation

CCF brings about positive change locally and helps communities challenge disadvantage and inequality. We do this by inspiring philanthropy and charitable giving – matching local people, ideas, resources and needs to make a lasting difference.

The Skills & Growth Company

The Skills & Growth Company

The Skills & Growth Company nurture the growth of people, businesses and the region. They inspire, motivate and energise local entrepreneurs and develop their skills and confidence to unlock their full potential.

Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub

Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub

The Growth Hub for Cheshire and Warrington is here to help established, young and potential new businesses develop and grow and has an impressive network of advisors and funding available for start-ups and existing businesses.

Macclesfield Town Council

Macclesfield Town Council

Macclesfield Town Council have recently introduced community grants for individuals up to £500 and organisations up to £2,000.

Access to Finance

Access To Finance

No matter what type of business you have, there’s no avoiding the fact that finance can be fundamental to success. Securing funding in today’s market can be a complex and difficult task, requiring time and specialist understanding of the various finance options. Putting the right financial solutions in place can often mean the difference between success and failure for a company’s growth potential.

Cheshire Leader Fund

Cheshire Leader – Rural Business Grants

Cheshire LEADER (a French acronym that translates as ‘Liaisons among actors in the rural economy’) is an EU programme that aims to provide funding for businesses and organisations looking to begin or expand their operations in rural areas. What separates it from other funding programmes is that it is delivered locally rather than nationally, with decisions on how and where the grant money is spent being made by an appointed Local Action Group (LAG) of key representatives from various organisations in the local area.

Access to Finance

CVS Cheshire East

CVS Cheshire East provides a wide range of support and services to groups, helping those that are starting up, as well as organisations that are already established. This includes funding advice, read through of grant applications, training, volunteer recruitment, support on setting up groups and much more. We also support networks and partnership working and have an intermediary role, supporting and facilitating joint working between voluntary and community groups and with statutory bodies; and helping to ensure that the interests and concerns of the voluntary and community sector are properly represented.

In addition to supporting groups, we also support individuals who wish to become volunteers and those already involved in volunteering. We are an independent organisation supporting the development of a vibrant, effective and influential voluntary and community sector (VCS) across Cheshire East.


PeoplePlus Enterprise

PeoplePlus Enterprise offers free and bespoke support with over 30 years experience. They have successfully helped 90,000 people to set up and grow a business; 45,000 in the last 5 years. If you are in receipt of Government benefits, you could be eligible for the New Enterprise Allowance. This programme offers a 1-2-1 mentoring service to help you start your business and could offer you financial support of up to £1,274, subject to JCP approval.

You will be paired with one of their Business Advisors who will provide guidance as they help you develop a business plan and mentor you through the early stages of trading. If you’re interested in the scheme, ask your work coach at the jobcentre about the New Enterprise Allowance and how they can sign you up.

The Key Fund

The Key Fund’s central mission is to provide finance – flexible loans and grant/loan packages – to help community and social enterprises to start-up, become sustainable or grow. Key Fund’s aim is to provide the right kind of support to help their investees have the best possible chance of success.

Key Fund invests in community and social enterprises that have traditionally been excluded; turned down by mainstream banks and building societies. Particularly those in disadvantaged areas.